The Poker Brat!

If there is one thing that could be learned from Poker at least from the example of Phil Hellmuth, it is power. Power of money, power of achievement, power of living life on your own terms, basically the power within!

A college drop out, the success story of Phil began in 1988. And that story would make quite a fat book should we say?! Just a few chapters to mention: won the main event at the Seven card Hi/Low tournament being the youngest payer to do so, one of only three players in history to win three gold bracelets within a single year, a feat not to be unnoticed when considering he was 16 years old. Hellmuth’s magic has intimidated many throughout the years, that magic exercised in an unknown country in a much different setting against unknown opponents for what would turn out to be the largest bet in history of the Lotto.

Life after winning the ring games, and especially the WSOP, has become the talk of the city, the subject of books and Hollywood films. The influence of poker can be felt in places like Las Vegas, even in places where poker has been kept down such as Michigan. Although Hollywood has tried to incorporate the images of the past into Oaks and Pros on TV, the influence of poker can be felt everywhere.

Of course Hollywood has also sought to cash in on the success of poker by Dewacasino its most prominent poker players into soap operas, television shows, and films. The poker entrepreneurs have used the poker player to sell everything from ecstasy to snapbacks. Poker players have been the stars in every generation of television shows from Dallas, to Celebrity Poker, to Las Vegas, and on and on.

If you combine the modern day poker player with the old-time card game player, you will get into some uncanny similarities, it would seem that poker is here to stay and if you have any trouble with the rules simply take a look at the replicas available on the internet, or better yet, purchase a set of clay chips and form your own home games. The 1980’s poker player may have been a riverboat gamblers, but in the new millennium a lot of people are grinding out a steady income playing poker. You can even see some of these people in the poker tournaments queuing for years outside the Bellagio’s poker room. You could easily see poker tournaments on TV, but if you don’t want to spend the money to go to such expense and then get thrills of other human emotions you can simply login to a poker website and play against other human opponents.

For those of us who may not be so lucky and may have less of a chance in finding a steady job in this risky business, there is still another alternative. You can play online poker and possibly win a bit of a wage by employing your poker skills against other wagerers. The money can be taken from your account to be placed in a bank account; or you can use your wagerers account to buy in to games with real money. The only thing you need to be careful about is that you do not play too many hands. As with anything else, the more you do the more you can win. However, such risky play is not guaranteed to work, and does not guarantee you will be a winner. Therefore, do not be determined to play online poker, but only do it as a hobby and a fun thing. Although I think that there is more risk playing online poker than real world, I also think that it can be much more blowing. And, if you are determined to play it, only take the plunge if you are willing to lose the money. However, if you only want to play online poker, keep in mind that it is risky business.