Attention Affiliates – How to Make Money Online Without Your Own Product!

In this article we are going to take a quick look at how to make money online, without your own product. Yes, I said it, you can do this even if you don’t have your own product. But if you are serious about creating an online income, I suggest that you are going to have to create your own product at some point. So, how to make money online without your own product? Very simple, I have outlined the scenario you will need to follow, to generate a nice income online.

You will need a few things to accomplish your task.

  1. A blog, or a content based website. This is where you are going to want to promote your affiliate product. Sign up for a free blog with Google. Or, you can build a free website at Squidoo. These are both websites that give you access to an online platform that you can brand with your own domain name, and provide plenty of room for content.
  2. An autoresponder sign up form, and
  3. A free report you are going to offer your new subscriber.

It really is as simple as you say. Your objective is to capture names and email address, so that you can market to them later. I am about to share one of my favorite ways to get a front row seat into the life of a successful affiliate. Just imagine that you will have the opportunity to be behind the curtain as they are watching what you do. Here is where you will want to focus on 3 specific areas.


This is what affiliates want and are elite at. Have you ever seen a TV commercial and saw a man standing in front of a screen while a little old lady sits behind him offering him help. That is what Leverage is. It is using other people to leverage your power in your market.

For example, let me ask you this question “How many times have you purchased an eBook or guidebook referring someone to a business product?” Never More Than Once! Some customers will do this as many as 5 or 6 times. You could make a decent eBook profit if you did this 5 or 6 times. You can see that this is a powerful concept.

If you could grab the opportunity to serve the people who are sitting there and click the “Yes” button, you will be sitting on a conveyer belt making money while you are sleeping. Marketing is a numbers game. If you get onto the right networks, you will see people in the millions every day.


Select traffic that is seeking, interested in, and ready to buy. For ideas on this, you can search Google on “how to find hot markets”. Selecting a market will determine what kind of business you can run. This is going to be your cash machine. You have to make sure people are ready to buy before you enter this market.\

Just imagine this, if you know where to find people ready to buy, and you can show them where to go to purchase these products, what will you make? You can make a living running a million dollar business from home with the right strategies.


Are you an expert when it comes to Ezine marketing? Then this is what you need to do. Never going to be confused with understanding the concept, here, you already are an expert.

This is where the cash will be rolling in. expertise comes from following specific, proven, steps. Now I am not talking about those vague, general E-books. These are the specific, concrete things that come to mind when doing affiliate marketing.

Like I said, you have to look inside yourself and distinguish what makes you tick. For most people, there is a certain self- vouches that resonate with them when it comes to affiliate marketing. You have to position yourself as an expert in this field. The rest, they will Discover.

That is number 3 in the series. For number 4, which is “Poker Galaxy“, I will cover that in part2 of this series.